Instructions to Authors for English Article

Instructions to Authors for English Article

1. Aims and Scope

Journal of Textile Engineering (JTE) is a bimonthly journal in English and Japanese that includes articles related to science and technology in the textile and textile machinery fields. It publishes research works with originality in textile fields and receives high reputation for contributing to the advancement of textile science and also to the innovation of textile technology. In recent years, JTE covers broader areas: composite material processing, recycling technology of textile products, psychology on consumer for textile products, bio-textile technology or processing of polymeric products.

2. Editors
Editor-in-Chief KIMURA Hirokazu

Shinshu University, JAPAN

Vice Editors-in-Chief YASUDA Kazunori

Ehime University, JAPAN


Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture, JAPAN

Editors HORIBA Yosuke

Shinshu University, JAPAN

KANAI Hiroyuki

Shinshu University, JAPAN

KONDO Mikiya

Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, JAPAN


Nara National College of Technology, JAPAN


Mie Industry Enterprise Support Center, JAPAN


Kyoto Institute of Technology, JAPAN


Industrial Technology Center of Wakayama Prefecture, JAPAN

UEDA Hiroyuki

Osaka Shi-nai College, JAPAN


The University of Shiga Prefecture, JAPAN


Osaka University, JAPAN


Shiga University, JAPAN

Advisory Board
Rabisankar Chattopadhyay

Indian Institute of Technology, INDIA

Muthu Govindaraj

Philadelphia University, USA

George Havenith

Loughborough University, UK

Seung Jin Kim

Yeungnam University, KOREA

Menghe Miao

CSIRO, Manufacturing Flagship, AUSTRALIA

Gail Taylor

Formerly of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HONG KONG

3. Types of Papers

JTE welcomes the following types of papers.
Original Paper Articles of original researches related to science and technology in the textile and textile machinery fields. Up to six pages in printed A4 paper including figures and tables.
Note Original brief articles related to science and technology in the textile and textile machinery fields. Up to four pages in printed A4 paper including figures and tables.
Review Reviews which include a survey or a report of past researches in the textile and textile machinery fields. Up to eight pages in printed A4 paper including figures and tables.

4. Manuscript Preparation

Author(s) are requested to attach a completed "Cover for Submitted Manuscript" to the manuscript. Sample files are available in Microsoft Word and PDF:

Cover for Submitted Manuscript in MS-Word or PDF.

The size of paper is A4 (21 cm X 29.7 cm) with margins of at least 2.5 cm on all sides. The manuscript (MS-Word 97 format or later version one) should consist of the following in the order given: title, author(s) name(s), affiliations and addresses, abstract of less than 200 words, keywords of less than 5 in number, double spaced text, acknowledgement(s), list of symbols, appendix(es), and references together with figure and table captions. Illustrations must be sharp black and white prints (600 dpi). Notations and details should be legible. The figures should be numbered in the order of their appearance. The reference should be cited by number, set between "[ ]" in the text and listed at the end of the paper. Use the following style:

[1] Yukawa H (2005) J Text Mach Soc Japan (predecessor journal of J Text Eng), 50, T110-T115
[2] Johnson R, William DE, McInerney L (2005) J Text lnst, 80, 177-189
[3] Nogai T (1982) Sen-i Gakkaishi, 38, 413-420
[4] Kitayama S (1998) "Sen-i no soshiki to kagaku", Chap 1, Shikisai Kagakusha, Tokyo
[5] Alexander LF, Doi JB (1998) "Polymer Science", pp135-140, John Wiley and Sons, New York
[6] Manchester J, Osaka T (1998) "Computational Fluid Dynamics", p123, John Willey and Sons, New York
[7] Nishi Kikai Co Ltd (2010) Japansese Patent 19530313
[8] Shinshu Textile Co Ltd (2011) Japanese Patent Application 2011-195671

Manuscript sample is available in MS-Word or PDF.

5. Language and Units

You need to use English and it should be good and clear. Author(s) are encouraged to use the International Syetem of Units (SI Units).

6. Color Illustration

Color illustrations are only availiable at author's request and at his or her expense. The author(s) are requested to contact the Editorial Board for details.

7. Review of Manuscript

All the manuscripts are subject to peer-review.

8. Submission of Manuscripts

Author(s) are requested to send their manuscript via e-mail as an attachment to the Editor-in-Chief at

For those who do not have e-mailing system, you can send the following number of hard copies via postal mail to the address below: one original paper and two photocopies for Original Paper, and one photocopy for Note and Review.

Editorial Board of JTE
The Textile Machinery Society of Japan
Osaka Science and Technology Center Bldg.
8-4, Utsubo-Honmachi 1 chome, Nishi-ku,
Osaka 550-0004, Japan

Your manuscript needs to be limited to unpublished and also unsubmitted elsewhere at the time of submission to JTE. At least one of the author(s) must be a member of the Textile Machinery Society of Japan (TMSJ) or a subscriber for JTE.

Appilication form for the TMSJ membership in MS-Word or PDF.

Subscription order form in MS-Word or PDF.

9. Copyright Transfer

Copyright after publication belongs to TMSJ. You are requested to agree to the "Transfer of Copyright Agreement" and send the one with your signature via postal mail when you submit your manuscript. It should be addressed to the Journal Editorial Board as stated above.

Transfer of Copyright Agreement in MS-Word or PDF.

10. Reprints

The author(s) need to purchase minimum 100 reprints upon publication. Prices for 100 reprints per your page size is shown below in Japanese Yen (JPY). Page charges per page after 11 pages an additional charge of 10,000 JPY.









Price (JPY)