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14, July, 2021

Brief plan of the 48th Textile Research Symposium

The organized committee has scheduled 8 - 9 December, 2021 for holding 48th TRS in on-line. The 48th TRS will be programed with 1 plenary speak, and about 2 keynote talks on each session.

Introduction of the Japan Textile Machinery Society and 48th Textile Research Symposium

The Japan Textile Machinery Society was founded in 1948 as a group of people involved in the textile industry with the aim of promoting academic progress and development of textiles and textile machinery and contributing to the development of related industries. Since then, industry and academia have been involved in various fields such as textile manufacturing, thread making, textile, knitting, nonwovens, dyeing finishes, sewing, nanofibers, e-textiles to design, fashion and related equipment and devices.
The Textile Research Symposium (TRS) is the international symposium organized by The Textile Machinery Society of Japan. TRS was initiated by the Professor Sueo Kawabata, Kyoto University and Professor Masako Niwa, Nara Women’s University who were the famous researcher for textile fields, in 1972 bringing together academia and industry. The main objective of TRS was to rejuvenate the decreasing emphasis of textile education in the Japanese Education System. Today, this symposium has become a famous historical international annual symposium on textile research covering a wide range of fields from fiber science to apparel engineering and management, playing an important role in bridging the communication gap and forging friendship between textile scientists from all over the world.
After Prof. Kawabata and Prof. Niwa retired, TRS continues to be held annually. In recently, TRS was held in Japan and overseas countries in every alternate year. So far, this symposium has been held successfully in six overseas countries such as Hangzhou in China (2006), Daegu in Korea (2008), Delhi in India (2010, 2016), Guimaraes in Portugal (2012), Christ Church in New Zealand (2014) and Liberec in Czech Republic (2019).
Although the 48th TRS was going to be held in Shanghai, China on 2020, the organized committee decided that the 48th TRS has been postponed to 2021 because of the effect of COVID-19. However, the influence of COVID-19 has not converged. Then the organized committee decided that the 48th TRS will be held on-line.