Welcome Message

12, April, 2020


Postpone the 48th TRS from 2020 to 2021 (Shanghai, China)

Dear Participants

Prof. Fumei Wang, and her team in Donghua University, and the Textile Machinery Society of Japan (TMSJ) formally inform all participants on the postpones of the 48th Textile Research Symposium (48thTRS) from 2020 to 2021.

Based on WHO announcement, the global COVID-19 outbreak became a pandemic, it is now threatening people in many countries.

For organizing the 48thTRS in safety, we decided to postpone the 48thTRS. We appreciate to all participants for understanding our decision.

Please keep a close monitoring on any further updates by clicking on the below link to access the 48thTRS in 2021 conference website. http://tmsj.or.jp/TRS48/index.html

We are looking forward to seeing you at Donghua University in 2021.
Sincerely yours,

Professor Sachiko Sukigara                                        Professor Fumei Wang
President of TMSJ,Kyoto Institute of Technology            Organized chair, Donghua University


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