The Textile Machinery Society of Japan originally started as academic organization with an aim to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and techniques in textile and textile machinery related fields. Membership has gradually been broaden and now it comprises of universities, research institutes, textile manufacturer, textile machinery manufacturer, companies having textile and/or textile machinery departments, or individuals with expert knowledge and experience.


The website for The 49th Textile Research Symposium (2022 ) is now available. here


Back issues of our journals are available for free download at the following web sites:

Journal of Textile Engineering (in English and Japanese)

Predecessor: Journal of the Textile Machinery Society of Japan [in English]
Volume 46 (2000) to current volume
Volume 1 (1955) to 45 (1999)

Sen'i Kikai Gakkaishi (Journal of the Textile Machinery Society of Japan) [in Japanese only]

Volume 25 (1972) to 58 (2005)
Volume 18 (1965) to 24 (1971)
Volume 1 (1948) to 18 (1965)