Introduction of the Japan Textile Machinery Society and 49th Textile Research Symposium

Textile Research Symposium (TRS) is an international symposium organized by The Textile Machinery Society of Japan. The TRS was initiated in 1972 by two world-renowned academics, Professor Sueo Kawabata, Kyoto University and Professor Masako Niwa, Nara Women’s University, to bring together researchers in the field of textiles from academia and industry. Their main aim was to rejuvenate the fading emphasis for the importance of textile education in the Japanese Education System. The TRS has become a well-known international annual symposium with long history covering a wide range of textile research fields from fiber science, apparel engineering to management. This symposium is playing an important role in bridging the communication gap and forging friendship between textile scientists, engineers and all relevant people from all over the world.
The TRS continues to be held annually even after the retirement of Prof. Kawabata and Prof. Niwa. In recent years, the TRS has been held in Japan and overseas countries alternately. Up to now, the TRS was successfully held seven times in six overseas countries, i.e. Hangzhou in China (2006), Daegu in Korea (2008), Delhi in India (2010, 2016), Guimaraes in Portugal (2012), Christ Church in New Zealand (2014) and Liberec in Czech Republic (2019).                    
What's New
Deadline for Abstract submission: Extended to September 9, 2022
Deadline for initial submission: Extended to August 12, 2022