1. Fiber Science and Engineering

Fiber Science and Engineering” will cover topics related to promising materials and technologies that contribute to the advancement of fiber science and industry. In particular, this session at TRS48 will focus on materials and technologies for establishing a sustainable society.

2. Nano Fibers

“Nano Fibers” includes topics on fabrication and functionalization of electrospun nano fibers, and their industrial application and commercialization.

3. Dyeing and Finishing

“Dyeing and Finishing” includes topics on dyeing, functional processing and colour evaluation science for fibre materials, textiles and products. Dyeing and finishing are essential sciences and technologies that give added value and a variety of functions to fibre materials, and furthermore, this section also looks at the future of dyeing and finishing for a sustainable society.

4. Science and Technology of Textile Machinery

“Science and Technology of Textile Machinery” includes topics on novel technologies of textile machinery and mechanical properties of fiber assemblies, textile and apparel products.”

5. Composite Material

“Composite material” is a session on textiles as an reinforcement of composite materials, including structure, fabrication, analysis methods and mechanical characterization of textiles and textile composites.

6. Nonwoven and Industrial Textile

“Nonwoven and Industrial Textile Session” includes topics on new technologies and standards for manufacturing technology and evaluation methods of industrial textiles with a focus on nonwoven fabrics. Also, the role of nonwoven fabrics for a future industry and environment will be discussed.

7. Apparel Science and Protective clothing

This session will offer the topics to understand the fundamental of textile engineering and the introduction of new research activities by an inter-disciplinary approach for apparel science and protective clothing.

8. Smart Textile and IoT

In the session “Smart Textile and IoT”, we will discuss the current status, future and prospects of smart textiles, which are new technology in the fiber and textile fields, and the relationship of IoT technology related to textiles.

9. Textile Testing and Comfort on Textiles products

“Textile Testing and Comfort on Textiles products” includes topics on a novel technologies for evaluating functional peripheries of textile assembly, and novel technologies and standards for certification of textiles and apparel products.

10. Environment and Sustainability

“Environment and Sustainability” will discuss about the sustainability in textile from the viewpoint of the engineer and designer including Bio-inspiration, 3D weaving and design research method.

11. Simulation and Virtual Textile

This session on “Simulation and Virtual Textiles” covers topics ranging from advances in simulation techniques for the appearance and behavior of fabrics and garments to the latest research on mask performance to protect against COVID-19.